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I am so glad you came by!  It means a lot since I know how crazy busy your day can be!  My days are crazy as well.

With one princess and three princes in my life as well as my sweet hubby, I am blessed a whole bunch!  But with those blessings comes a lot of stuff and a lot of busy things that take up our family time!  I am trying to slow it all down a bit though.  And trying to cut out some of life’s stuff that seems to fill a lot of my time.  Not the good stuff.  Stuff like family movie nights and fried chicken picnics.  Those I want to keep.  Just the clutter.  The expired coupons and wasted time comparing myself to others.  That is what I want to get rid of in my life.

So that is why I wrote this book.  It is a kick start on clearing the clutter from my life – from my heart and home.  And it really is just that…a start…

God has many things that He is working on in me.  I am really a bit if a mess, actually.  But that is okay, His love and grace can cover my mess,  but I still have to clean out my pantry!

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